1. You have your own travel-planner

When it comes to travel abroad, it is quite important to have some expertise to plan your trip wisely step by step. Private expertise is everything in order to form an itinerary that suits your needs, preferences and travel budget. If you have not been to your travel destination before, planning a trip can be confusing and time-consuming. You have to dig some web pages to get information and find out which one is worth relying on. What sights are a must-see? What are the best accommodation options fitting your budget? What about domestic flights and land transportation? You have endless questions and you want to make sure that you get exactly what you want out of your trip. By contacting our l travel planner via WhatsApp or e-mail, you can get a professional help to arrange your your trip wisely.

2. Flexibility and Freedom

Some travellers are curious about history and archaeology,some are more curious about the local cuisine or other local experiences, some people get bored of museums and would rather get lost in the local shopping areas. By joining a private tour, you choose where to go and how much time to spend at the sights according to your own interests. Private tours give you complete control and freedom over your time and how you use it. You choose where to go and what to do. Are you interested in local cuisine? You can add a cooking class. Interested in local handcrafts? Add a workshop. Accommodations, meals, activites, sightseeing etc. Are designed according to your wants and needs. This is a far more rewarding experience than a group tour.

Scheduled group tours have to follow a pre-arranged tour programme, this comes with time limits at each stop. In a private tour, you are not obliged to follow a schedule and that gives you more flexibility to manage your own time. You can take rests as needed and you can walk at your own pace. You choose when to start and when to finish the tour.

3. Private vehicle

Instead of trying to figure out how to get from one sight to another, you have your own private vehicle and driver. During the drive, you get a chance to have a conversation with your tour guide about everything you want to know.

4. Direct communication with your tour guide

In a large group tour, it may be difficult to have individual questions answered. In a private tour, you have full and undivided attention of your guide. A knowledgeable tour guide can bring alive the history of an attraction and can personalize experiences to address individual needs and interests.

5. COVID-19 and Social Distancing

Group tours are most often in large groups. Private tours allows you to travel within small groups of families and friends rather than some strangers which make some feel more comfortable in terms of COVID-19 safety measures.

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