Ephesus Archaeological Museum

Ephesus Archaeological Museum is located in Selcuk, Izmir nearby the ancient city Ephesus. It was founded in 1929. The Ephesus museum accommodates the findings from Ephesus and smaller sites around. It also has an ethnological department. The Austrian Archaeological Institute started excavating in Ephesus during the second world war. The first findings were taken to Vienna. When British archaeologists started excavating, they took the findings to the British Museum. With the enactment of Turkish Antiquities Act in 1906, the export of archaeological relics was banned. Therefore, then on, the findings were kept in Turkey and the museum was established in Selcuk to display the findings. In 1964 the museum was extended and more rooms have been added after then due to many findings in the area. The museum differs from the other museums in the way it was designed. The items are not displayed in chronological order but it has rooms with a theme. These rooms are called The House Findings Roomi The Hall of Fountain Relics, the Hall of the Funerary Relics, The Hall of Artemis, the Gladiators Section, Hall of the new Findings, Hall of the Grave Findings and etc... OTTI's Ephesus Tours will give you opportunity to explore Ephesus Museum.

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