Ephesus Terrace Houses 

Ephesus Terrace Houses are located within the ancient city Ephesus opposite the Hadrian Temple. They were the houses of wealthy people living in the city. The first houses that were built date back to the 1st century AD.

On each terrace two houses were located facing the street on east and another street on west. They were two-storied but unfortunately the upper stores were collapsed during time. The ground floor had a living room and a dining room, upstairs there were the bedrooms and guest rooms. The heating was provided by the clay pipes beneath the floors and behind the walls that were carrying hot air through the houses. With these pipes the houses could have both hot and cold water.

The rooms did not have any windows. They were lightened with the light coming from open hall therefore the rooms were dim.

The terrace houses looked ordinary and plane outside but inside they were decorated with the highest standard of their time. There were mosaics and frescoes and had interior courtyards in the centre with an open ceiling.

The Ephesus excavations of the terrace houses have started in 1960. The mosaics and frescoes that were found, were taken to the museum but after then findings were left in their original places.

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