Ephesus Tour from Izmir

Ephesus is an ancient Greek city located in Turkey's modern-day province of Izmir. It is about 80 kilometers south of Izmir and is easily accessible by road.

If you're traveling from Izmir to Ephesus, you can get there by car or bus. Regular buses depart from Izmir's main bus station and take approximately 1.5 hours to reach Ephesus.

Alternatively, you can also hire a taxi or book a tour with a travel agency.

Once you reach Ephesus, explore several must-see attractions, including the ancient city ruins, the Library of Celsus, the Temple of Artemis, and the House of the Virgin Mary. It's recommended to allocate at least a half-day to explore the site thoroughly and do a tour with a tour guide.

Overall, a trip to Ephesus from Izmir is a fantastic way to experience great history and culture.

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