Pigeon Island Kusadasi

Located in the city center of Kuşadası district, the island is connected to the land by a man-made causeway. There is a castle built by the Genoese on the island, which is a symbol of Kusadasi. UNESCO included the Pigeon Island Castle in the World Heritage Tentative List in 2020 as part of the file "Forts and Walled Settlements on the Genoese Trade Route from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea".

Pigeon Island castle, which covers the whole island, is located on a natural rock. Its history dates back to the Genoese who came to Kusadasi in the late 13th or early 14th century, it was renovated during the Ottoman Empire. It is also known as the Pirate Castle, as the island also served as a police station against pirates during the Ottoman period.

One of the endemic plants of Kuşadası, tülüşah (Centaurea Mykalea), is taken under protection in a special area in Pigeon Island Castle. The plant, which is a showy species with its canary yellow color and large flowers, is also known as Aydın Gacak among the people.

Today, Pigeon Island Castle is used as a tourist spot where people enter free of charge, and especially the sunset can be watched in the best way. There are many benches where you can rest in the castle and smooth paths where you can walk.

It is one of the most preferred places among photographers due to the natural environment it has offered for a long time.

There are boats that organize daily excursions and a cafeteria operated by the municipality on the road you need to walk to reach Pigeon Island.

Thanks to the connection between Pigeon Island and the land, many fishermen also angling here, catching fresh fish daily for restaurants located near the port.

In addition, many tourists prefer this beautiful island as one of the most ideal places to swim in the summer months. With the advantage that it is very close to the city center and can be reached with a 10-minute walk, you can walk to Pigeon Island with your coffee in your hand and you can enjoy the unique sunset view here.

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