Questions & Answers

1- WHY private Ephesus Tours
A: Ephesus is a unique, very important ancient city in the world. The location of the city is very close to another three unique places, the Basilica of St John, The Temple of Artemision and the House of Virgin Mary. If you have the chance to step on Kusadasi, you have to visit Ephesus and the surrounding beauties with private tours because the disadvantage of the group tours are; - group tours are made with at least 25-30 people, - all guests are collected from different places, which makes you lose time, - having one guide for many people, speaking different languages which causes difficulty to understand the guide and make people ask many questions, or request the guide to slow down while speaking. When you are ready to continue, others prevent you to enjoy your tour, - waiting for other guests in the tour, to keep up with everybody while walking or listening or taking pictures, - group tours are made with English speaking guide. However with private tours, you may have English, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, French, Japanese speaking guides. Briefly, group tours make you lose time within limited duration of yours.

2- What does the price include?

A: The price includes, private local licensed guide, private deluxe vehicle, complimentary standard lunch, Ephesus Book as our gift, petrol and insurance within the vehicle. Some of our tours exclude entrance fees and parking fees. Please read the details of including and excluding list of each tour separately..

3- What is the importance of a guide, even a "local" guide?

A: A local guide, not only inform you about the history, but also let you know about the daily happenings, local life style and regional legends. A book could give you enough information as well but do not forget that a guide's knowledge is not limited with only one book but many books as well as the experience. Besides there are not many informative signs within Ephesus, which can describe what you are looking at!

4- What sort of vehicle do you provide? A: Vehicles are luxurious and air-conditioned, such as Mercedes Vito or Hyundai Starex.

5- What if the written information and offers are not provided during our tour?

A: We guarantee to pay back the money you paid. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed by us.

6- Will I be paying anything extra than stated on your website?

A: Some of our tours do not include entrance fees and parking fees. You’ll be informed about the cost of them after making the booking.

7- Which travel agency arranges the tours?

A: The tours on our website are held by a member of TURSAB, a local incoming travel agency, OTTI Travel, with the licence number 4775.

8- Can I visit Ephesus by renting a car?

A: Yes, it is possible. However, the location of Ephesus might cause a problem. Ephesus is located on a hill. There are two entrances, a lower gate and an upper gate. The distance between two gates takes about 30-45 minutes by fast walking. The recommended beginning is the upper gate, to walk downhills, to prevent fatique. If you park your car at the upper gate you will either have to walk back or catch a taxi from the lower gate. While you think, you saved a lot by renting a car, you will experience that, you pay almost the same with our tour prices without having lunch and a tour guide, by paying for entrance fees, parking fees, petrol and transportation between the two gates. No need to mention the driving difficulties at a foreign country and losing time with finding your way. Therefore rent-a-car is not recommended.

9- What is the lunch like?

A: Lunch is given at chosen and recommended places. There are the starters, main dish and salad, fruits or dessert. Please let us know if you have special requirements such as vegeterian food, diabetic food and etc.

10- Aren't there any public transportation to Ephesus?

A: Yes, there are minibuses (dolmus) to Ephesus. But they drop you off at the main road and you have to walk to the lower gate, which would take about 10-15 minutes by fast walking. When you start the tour from the lower gate you will have to walk uphills which will cause fatique and take a taxi from the upper gate to the minibus station or the bus stop. If you have limited time during your visit, public transportation is not recommended. A minibus leaves from the main bus station in Kusadasi. You will need a transportation to the main bus station from where you are in Kusadasi. Then you will have to know the departure times to Selcuk, which is the name of the town where Ephesus is located. It takes about 45-55 minutes to the bus stop close to the lower gate of Ephesus whereas it takes at most 30 minutes by private car, to the upper gate. If you choose the public transportation, your visit will be lack of a guide and a delicious lunch as we think that what you eat and where you eat is very important in a foreign country.

11- We would like to do some shopping, is it possible with your guidance?

A: Turkey is known as a cheap and fertile country. Hand craft is popular and very qualified. Most of you, probably heard of the beauty of Turkish tiles, carpets, ceramics, leather clothing and 22 or 24 CARAT gold for reasonable prices. There are production centres of carpet, leather, ceramics and gold around Ephesus where you see how these items are made. You may even order to have a golden ring or a necklace made, or a leather jacket designed or a carpet woven specially for you. Places we recommend and take you are guaranteed production centres for quality and prices. You will be having guarantee certificates with each item you buy and if you have problems with the item you buy, you have the chance to contact them, knowing that the production centre is still in business! Where you shop from is as important as where you eat at! The places we recommend, guarantee to pay your money back if you can find the same item, with the same quality for less price. If you do not wish to do shopping, please let us or our guide know about it.

12- I'd like to travel alone at Ephesus, is it possible?

A: Yes it is, but we suggest you to read the 8th, 9th and 10th questions.

13- What is Semi Private Ephesus tour ?

A: According to our customers’ demands we prepared combined semi-private tours which are in the comfort of a private tour with maximum 10 people in an air-conditioned midi-van. - Semi – private tours are not group tours in buses. - Our semi-private tours are limited with 10 people in air-conditioned Mercedes Sprinter. - You will have the comfort of a private tour with maximum 10 people but share the guide and the transportation with others in the vehicle. - The itinerary is fixed and alteration is not possible. - Starting time of the tour is determined by the person who books the tour first. - People joining you are the passengers travelling on the same cruise ship with you. - Duration of each place visited is fixed and could not be extended unlike our private or deluxe tours. - There’s no possibility for lunch upgrade unlike our private or deluxe tours. - There’s no possibility to choose your guide unlike our deluxe tours. - Our semi-private tours are in the comfort of our private tours but limited with pre-arranged itinerary.

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