Sirince is a village in Selcuk, Izmir Turkey about 10kms from the centre. It was settled in the 15th century after Ephesus was abandoned. However the current buildings date back to the 19th century. It used to be an old Orthodox village called Cirkince (ugly). This name was given by its habitants on purpose as they did not want to be bothered by strangers and share the beauty of their village. The name Sirince was given by an Izmir mayor which means pretty. As the Sirince village is located on top of a mountain, visitors may enjoy the scenery of the wine yards and peach trees. Today the village is a perfect sytnthesis of Turk-Greek culture. Before the Independence War there were Greeks living in the village but after the war there’s been an exchange between the tour countries. The Turks living in Greece moved to Turkey and the Greeks living in Turkey moved to Greece. Therefore the new inhabitants kept the characteristics of typical Greek houses. The most beautiful specimens are open to visitors. One of them has a nicely restorated Orthodox church in its courtyard. Visitors may enjoy shopping through the narrow streets of Sirince, from the villagers selling kinds of handcrafts, olive oil and wine that is made of several fruits grown in Sirince. Although Sirince is developing in tourism, it has been able to preserve its authenticity and the meaning of its name. OTTI's Ephesus Tours will give you opportunity to explore Sirince Village.

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